What is a resume cover letter

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The first ideological core appears, then the second, the third, and so on in the same way. Later it is possible to find a logical connection between these groups and unite them into groups of the second order, those into groups of the third order. As a rule, the procedure of systematization ends there. The fragments are arranged one by one and create text with the help of short binding sentences. Note that it is difficult for a novice author to do this on the monitor (without printing the drafts), but rather it is impossible. The “depth” of the material in more than two steps creates too much strain on the working memory of the author. You will carry out the procedure for systematization of fragments more quickly if you decide from the very beginning what the system-forming factor is in your field of science, that is, by what sign the material should be classified. Having correctly defined such a system-forming factor, you think through the best sequence of data presentation.

Analytical method. In the center of a large sheet of thick paper with a pencil, draw a circle and write the name of the dissertation in it, for example: “The influence of factor X on object Y in conditions Z”. The names of large parts of the future text are placed in smaller circles located around the main one, for example: Introduction, Review of literature, Research methods, etc. to Conclusions and references. We perform another crushing operation. For example, the research methods are divided into: the object of study patients of a certain category, healthy testers, laboratory animals or cell culture; methods of influence on the object methods of treatment, biologically active substances introduced into the organism or cell culture, altered environmental conditions, etc Recorded parameters of the biological object physiological, biochemical and other indicators.

If you doubt the need for any element of the scheme, then mark this in the way that is convenient for you, for example, instead of a smooth circle, draw a wavy line. When you write the text, the question “need not needed” will be solved by itself, and until that moment it is not bad to have a supply of ideas. So the boundaries of the future chapter (or section of a major chapter), its elements and the connections between them will be almost completely determined before the first word of the text falls on paper. An even greater concentration of thought is achieved by the use of symbols and pictograms. At the same time, the author at one glance covers many times more material than if he were expressed in words. The manipulation of ideas “in pure form”, without attempts to express them verbally, makes the structure of the future presentation as logical and clear as possible. Random repetitions of semantic units are almost eliminated: When a strict logical sequence of elements is determined, you will only have to comment on it in a few words. This will be the text of your work ..